Teaching Associate Professor

Wojciech Kossek holds a PhD in mathematics and a master’s degree in electrical engineering. He has been with the University of Denver since January 2019. Previously, he was affiliated with several institutions, such as Colorado Technical University, Colorado College, University of Colorado, South Dakota State University and Concordia College.

Kossek considers himself an educator and a problem solver. He enjoys exploring interdisciplinary connections and helping students do the same. Courses taught by Kossek range from bridge courses in mathematics and programming, to applied statistics, to more advanced applications of data science tools and techniques. He is the author of “Calculus for the Forgetful: How to Understand More and Memorize Less” (MagiMath, 2007). The subtitle of this book captures his teaching philosophy in a nutshell. This is also why he enjoys working with students in the DataScience@Denver program—they tend to seek deeper understanding of everything they study.