Leadership and Faculty

The DataScience@Denver program is led by a faculty of top researchers who are committed to empowering the next generation of data science leaders. Our leadership team and faculty will guide students through a rigorous curriculum that teaches them how to design tools for collecting, evaluating and interpreting data to better inform critical decisions. Students will graduate prepared to put the program’s coursework to practice and solve complex challenges within their organizations.

Hear From Our Faculty

“I feel excited to meet and share industry experience with upcoming students. It is honorable to be at the crux of transformation and share my experiences to provide a strong and solid foundation for students. I really enjoy the creative and enthusiastic students who take on challenging assignments and articulate their solutions. It is exciting to see students transform to a new level of maturity as they move through the coursework.”

— Sadananda Narayanappa, PhD, Adjunct Professor

“I decided to teach for DataScience@Denver because it is a wonderful opportunity to work with highly motivated, inquisitive students. The faculty in our Data Science program are a mix of seasoned practitioners in the field of data science and experienced educators. This provides students with some great opportunities to pursue various aspects of the subject and leads to a stimulating learning environment.”

— Wojciech K. Kossek, PhD, Teaching Associate Professor

“I chose to teach for DataScience@Denver because I believe their approach to online teaching lowers some of the largest lifestyle barriers students face as part of obtaining advanced education in data science while maintaining the rigor of a traditional master’s-level education. My favorite part of teaching for DataScience@Denver is the students. Students in DataScience@Denver have diverse professional and educational backgrounds and are highly motivated. It’s exciting to see students quickly applying what they learn to their areas of interest and expertise!”

— Wendy Christensen, PhD, Adjunct Professor

Program Leadership

Program Faculty