DataScience@Denver Curriculum

As a DataScience@Denver student, you’ll prepare to design tools that collect, evaluate, and interpret data to inform critical decisions. From the start of the program, students undertake a rigorous mathematical curriculum as they learn to master advanced concepts to tackle the world’s most important big-data challenges.

The program’s 48-60 credits can be completed in as few as 18 months. For full course descriptions, please visit this page.

Data Science Bridge Courses

DataScience@Denver offers three bridge courses to help those without a computer science background gain the necessary technical knowledge. Students may complete up to three bridge courses and earn their degree in 18-24 months. Please note that each four-credit course does not count toward the 48-credit requirement to complete the degree.

While bridge courses are required, students may test out of them. These courses are designed to prepare students for success throughout the curriculum, covering topics including:

Basics of python programming

Elements of calculus essential for data science

Elements of linear algebra and discrete math

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Course Sequence

Complete the curriculum in as few as 18 months, depending on course load. This sample course sequence matches the 18-month course load:

Year 0: Bridge

COMP 3005:
Computer Science Programming Basics

COMP 3007:
Data Science Mathematics 1

COMP 3008:
Data Science Mathematics 2

Term 1

COMP 4441:
Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Data Science

COMP 3006:
Python Software Development

Term 2

COMP 3421:
Data Organization & Management 1

COMP 4581:
Algorithms for Data Science

Term 3

COMP 4442:
Advanced Probability and Statistics for Data Science

COMP 4447:
Data Science Tools 1

Term 4

COMP 4431:
Data Mining

COMP 4433:
Data Visualization

Term 5

COMP 4432:
Machine Learning

COMP 4448:
Data Science Tools 2

Term 6

COMP 4449:
Data Science Capstone

COMP 4334:
Parallel and Distributed Computing

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